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About Us

Z4 Tech Medical Solutions:

Elevating Healthcare Proficiency, Ensuring Your Practice Thrives.

Medical Specialists

Z4 Tech Medical Solutions streamlines healthcare revenue management globally, alleviating administrative burdens for medical practitioners. Our dedicated team ensures accuracy in medical billing by meticulously examining each claim, reducing the risk of dismissals.

We excel in credentialing services, conducting thorough assessments for new practices. Our negotiation expertise, payment facilitation, and regular follow-ups with physicians guarantee accurate compensation and a steady cash flow. We are experienced in Physician Billing, Laboratory Billing, Imaging Billing, Hospital Billing, Coverage Discovery, Ambulatory Surgery Billing, and AR recovery.

For A/R recovery, we offer comprehensive office audits and resolution of old claims. Our team simplifies information management, maintaining accurate records for fair and timely compensation. We also work for medi-cal (California's Medicaid health care program). 

We offer Medical Front Office, Medical Billing Services, Coding (CPT & ICD), Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management, Prior Authorization, Medical billing Services for Small Practices, Virtual Assistant, Population Health Management, Medical Billing Companies, Credentialing, Value-based care, ACO healthcare, Quality care, Business Development, RCM, Eligibility Services

Z4 Tech, based in California, USA, and Bahrain, Middle East, is committed to delivering unparalleled medical billing and credentialing services. Whether establishing a new practice or managing an existing one, we are your trusted partner in navigating this complex landscape, ensuring the success of your practice.

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